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Ocean Inspired Sunscreen & Skincare With The Essence Of Bali - Beauty That Cares, Naturally.

About us

BEACH-STREET was born in Bali with its production in the N1 respected country when it comes to skincare South Korea. Our headquarters are in the Netherlands/Almere with offices in Indonesia Bali.

BEACH-STREET’S’ mission is to ensure to offer products that tackle some of today’s environmental challenges in a unique manner.

BEACH-STREET currently focuses mainly on the sunscreen products market and matching skincare products.


We wish to connect with like-minded people around the world and together serve the ocean by protecting its well-being, by offering products that leave as little trace as possible, and by educating consumers on how to responsibly address today’s environmental and skin care challenges.


We believe that beauty and self-care should never come at the expense of the planet or its people, and we prioritize integrity over profit. What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body, which is why we carefully select each ingredient and ensure they meet our strict standards for purity and effectiveness.


We are fiercely passionate about empowering people to take care of their skin while also taking care of the planet.
Together, we want to be leading the charge towards a more transparent, trustworthy, and inclusive beauty industry.

Our Commitment

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality drives us to constantly research and innovate, ensuring that we offer you the best possible skincare experience. We strive to reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact at every step of the production process,.

and impactful

Empowering people to take care of their skin while also taking care of the planet is what drives us daily. We want to inspire the future generation to experience and love the ocean as much as we do and to join our journey with the same desire to protect and nurture what we love.


We always put people and the planet first in everything we do.

Meet the Team



As someone who has always been drawn to the natural world and the great outdoors, I have developed a deep passion for exploring new places and spending time near the ocean. This love for nature has inspired me to create something that can make a real difference in people’s lives, while also promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for all.



As a passionate diver over the past few years, I have seen how harmful substances in chemical sunscreens have affected our coral reefs.
I deeply share a love for our oceans and everything in them with all its beauty. That is why we started Beach-Street Skincare and why want to do things differently.


Project Manager Alpine

I’m Mathias, I create and execute all the ideas for BEACH-STREET’S Alpine Line. As a dedicated alpinist myself I was always missing a product easy to use when your standing on top of a mountain. If it is for free ride, paragliding, rock climbing, hiking or downhill mountain biking. This opportunity to work with a dedicated team that is set on creating high performance products with minimalistic compound solutions and selectively created formulas that does not harm our environment came as excitement itself. I’m looking forward to push limits with BEACH-STREET and make a positive impact in the skincare and sports industry.


Social Media Manager

Hi! I’m Kaira the Social Media Manager for this awesome ocean-friendly brand. My job is to share the good vibes and spread the word about why our oceans matter. I’m here to make sure our message shines through. I grew up with the ocean, and now, working with BEACH STREET Skincare, I’m excited to share their amazing message for the ocean and environment. Using my creativity, I connect with like-minded people and spread positive vibes. Let’s keep the good vibes and positive moves going!


Sales Manager

I’m Nana, your go-to person as the Sales Manager Indonesia. After 5 years in Sales, I found my groove where my love for the sun and outdoor activities collides with my work. What keeps me going every day is the opportunity to not only make us all healthier but also play a part in protecting coral reefs and our beautiful world. Join me on this journey, where we’re not just selling products; but making a positive impact. Can’t wait to share the goodness with you!


Web Developer

I am Dicky, a passionate web developer specializing in ocean-friendly skincare. With a deep love for the environment and a strong belief in sustainable living, I have dedicated my skills and expertise to contribute to the growth of the skincare industry while prioritizing the well-being of our oceans. By utilizing my skills to support ocean-friendly skincare companies, I am able to contribute to the preservation of our oceans and inspire others to join the movement towards a more sustainable world.


Graphic Designer

I absolutely love working with Beach Street Skincare team as a graphic designer! The creative synergy and collaborative atmosphere fuel my passion for design. What makes it even more fulfilling is aligning with the company’s vision and mission, especially as a vegan. Supporting a brand that shares my values not only enhances my professional experience but also resonates with my personal commitment to ethical choices. It’s a wonderful blend of creativity and shared principles that make each day meaningful.  

A Founder Story

Amanda ten Wolde (Amsi) is a Dutch / Australian entrepreneur who combined a modeling career with studies in marketing and sales.
As a model she travelled the world, and in her free time, she enjoyed surfing and exploring new places.

She started Beach-Street together with her Mom, Monique from a love for the ocean, nature, and a healthy responsible lifestyle, with a keen eye for business opportunities and a strong international network in fashion/health/lifestyle, amongst others in the beach and surfing community.

Message from Ams

“Life is essential and in order to create or keep the life we need oxygen. 70% of our earth’s oxygen is provided by our coral reefs. There’s only so little we know about our oceans.
But what we do know is that our coral reefs are declining at an alarming speed.
We must act where we can and go out of our comfort zones and try to restore what we damaged.
And this is where we start by providing a safe product and educating future generations. We must invest in the future by taking action and being the change.”



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